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    Slim and smooth Asian boy Ab showing his goodies    
Some guys just can't get enough of Ab. And that is understandable, but for now this is his last photo set and of course it is a good one too. Ab has allot of charm and he know it, and he sure know how too do those sexy poses. Showing his hard cock and little boy pussy. See him cum in members area.
    18 yo Ab simply can not get enough white cock    

Ab seem to be a popular boy here. So now this slim 18 yo is back for more. This guy is not shy at all and don't hold it long before he pull out his hard beautiful cock. He also got a quick shave around his hole, for a clearer entrance. Ab just love to be fucked. Sometimes he get it really hard and deep he moans out extra loud! He is not a big guy and it get so far inside him. See him get fucked wide open and cum in members area. Full movie 30 minutes

    You might not want to see this! - "The dirty files"    

The boys here always prepare themselves before a shoot. But sometimes "accidents" happens! Here is a collection requested by members. Scenes that was cut out from the movies due to these little "accidents". Brown goo, dirty holes and farts resulting in embarrassment and laughter. The preview show some of the boys featured. The actual "shit" you will find in members area in HD. This update is for those with a very special taste. Full movie 31 minutes

    Oei takes the challenge getting a big glass butt-plug up his ass    

Oei is 19 years old, he is a slim little twink ready for everything. He took the challenge by taking that thick glass butt plug up his ass. Even he is a experienced bottom, it was not such a easy task. But it is rare to se someone be able to stretch his hole so much using his fingers! He also got candy pushed up his ass for a sweet taste. Oei finally shoot his load and let the horny cameraman squirt his load in his face. Full movie 23 minutes

    Cute little brownie Nom has a yummy cock and ass    
You might already seen Nom's video. This guy love cock! Here he is posing for the photographer, and he sure enjoy it. Nom was hard long time before he got his underwear off, and he stayed hard in every photo that was taken. His favorite poses seem to be where he show off his ass, this guy was begging for more cock. See his sex preview pictures or see it all in members area.
    Sweet and slim 18yo Ab is a really horny fucktoy and he love it    

Ab is slim and smooth and his dick is perfect shaped, still not so big. His ass is really small, but so ready! He keeps his socks on and prepares his hole with a glass dildo. Then he give the cameraman a blowjoob before the best part. Ab loved to be fucked, and hard! He took it in several positions, that cock really filled up his ass. Finally his hole was so wide he got his rosebud licked. It all ends happy with cum all over his skinny body. Full movie 35 minutes

    Nara is a handsome Asian Twink who is top only    
When looking at Nara's ass it is a shame that he does not let anyone inside. It looks really good and tight virgin ass. Still he is not completely gay, but most of you have probably seen him in hot action with Ab here on the site. It was a true pleasure seeing him fuck and get Ab's load in his face.
Now enjoy his solo photo set ;)
    Nom is a cute guy that always stays hard, and he love a hard good fuck    

Nom is yet another little Asian cutie with brown and smooth skin. When he arrived he had a small bush around his hard dick. After a good shave he got to play with a glass dildo. He also had pro skills in cock sucking and gladly demonstrated it. But he wanted the real thing and he got it. Hard! He just loved to be fucked in several position until his hole was wide and sloppy. All this hard prostate massage made him shoot a huge load. Full movie 37 minutes

    Beautiful and naughty pictures with cute 18 years old Asian boy Ab    
Ab his such a cutie pie! He is always smiling and he is always horny. He loved to pose for the camera, showing his sexy, skinny and smooth teenage body. As you might already have seen this guy love to be fucked, and he is always hard. So there are some really naughty bonus pictures added to this set showing his just wide fucked gaping hole. Enjoy his beauty and his raw boyhole ;)
    Horny Asian duo Ab and Nara having a fucking good time    

Nara actually prefer girls. But when meeting Ab he did not mind licking and fucking that skinny 18 yo sissy boy "pussy". These guys really got into it and wanted to do it with their dirty socks on. Ab just loved to be fucked, so his cock stayed hard all the time and even shoot his load right onto Nara's surprised face. Sweat and cum, and a little bit of pain. Both guys got to release all their horny passion on each other. Full movie 26 minutes

    Indonesian twink Koko is so horny and shoots a huge load every time    
Koko is a horny Indonesian boy that found his way to Germany. This boy is horny as hell and he just love sex. He is not so tall and is quite cute. His skin is smooth and soft. like most Asian boys. See him showing his hard cock and spreading his ass cheeks. That ass is ready for everything. You have probably seen him take a huge black cock in one of the movies on the site here already ;)
    19 year old Deng take big white cock up his little smooth ass    

Deng is 19 years young looking and barely 155cm tall. He is also very skinny, and his ass is very tiny. So when meeting a white guy with a big dick is sometimes BIG pleasure for him. And sometimes too much... Deng has a nice shaped and hard dick and like to stroke it with lube after a good fuck. Check this guy suck white big dick, taking it up in his ass in several positions Then he take the entire load in his mouth and face. Full movie 28 minutes

    Fucking and fisting action with horny bottom boy Ean    

This smooth and cute dude started out in the shower shaving himself totally hairless. Making his ass ready for an clean entrance. First he got pumped full of white goo before he got fingered. Then he got fucked deep until his gooey ass was wide open and leaking. Continuing with a hand fisting his ass even more wide open. He insisted on getting that hand inside as far as possible until he could not take it anymore. Full movie 39 minutes

    Awe and Bomb's favorite things to do in sex is licking ass and fucking    

Two best friends joins up for some good sex! They were shy about sucking each other cock's for some reason. But from the start they got their full attention on each others asses. It was like two lesbians who got their first taste of pussy! :) Then smooth shaved Bomb got so hard by looking at Awe's winking hole, so he just had to fuck it. He fucked Awe in several positions until they both finally had to shoot their loads.. Full movie 29 minutes

    Cute 19 yo Kit showing his big juicy tool and stretched out hole    
Kit is many men's dream. He is really adorable, smiling and horny. Here he soaks his smooth body with oil. He strokes his well built dick rock hard and he love to pose. Please be aware were you keep you balls when you are around him. He tend to put them the strangest places.... Check this guys sweet preview pics or the full monty in members area ;)
    Indonesian twink Koko get his ass fucked hard by big black cock    

Koko love to get his nipples played with, but even better he love big dick! Here he meet with an African guy with a huge hard dick. Koko show some good experienced sucking skills and takes it deep down his throat until he gags. Then his hole is fingered and he sits down moaning on that huge tool. He takes it in many positions until his hole is wide and soar. Finally he take the load in his mouth and shoots a huge load himself. Full movie 25 minutes

    18 year old Aladin is a very handsome guest from Eurasia    
Aladin is 18 years old and is not exactly Asian. But he is from a country pretty close by, so Eurasian would be the more right term. Still he is very good looking and have nice smooth brown skin. For the photo shoot he was smooth shaved. And jerked of until he shoot his gooey load. Check out his sexy preview pictures or see all in members area.
    Oil and Palm enjoys sex together and the Cameraman takes his share too    

These two horny guys are 18 and 19 years old. They enjoyed making out together and soon got into more action. Rimming, sucking and they both fucked each other. Oil even got a golf ball pushed up his tight hole, and it kind of got stuck there. When the boys were done fucking and Palm had shoot his load in Oil's face. The cameraman took his share and fucked Oil hard until he shoot his load too. Cute guys and allot of fun ;) Full movie 36 minutes

    Set is 18 years old and is a true bottom boy that never get enough    
Set is such a sweet guy. He is 18 years old and is actually quite tall for an Asian boy. Though he is a well built boy, he does not have so large cock. But that does not matter too much for him. This guy is a true bottom and he love spreading his buttocks, and showing his well fucked hole. Enjoy his sexy preview pictures or see it all in the members area.
    Cute 19 yo Kit is a tiger in the games of kinky bedroom golf    

Kit just turned 19 yo and he is always so happy and horny. Here he shave smooth for the camera, making his big cock stand more out. He also get several golf ball's up his hole and popping them out again. Fascinating to see how his "ass lips" bulges out in these hot anal scenes. Then he begging to get fucked and he takes it hard. It is easy to see that he loves it! But to cum he needed bigger stuff and he sat down on a huge dildo. Full movie 36 minutes

    Charming Palm has a beautiful cock and a tight tiny little smooth ass    
Palm is 19 years old and is a boy with allot of energy and charm. He was actually a little shy that he showed up wearing a spiderman shirt. But it was going of soon enough anyway ;) When he got naked he also took some body oil over his body, making his skin really get that juicy glow. See all of his set in the members area where he cum, or just see his sexy preview pictures for a starter.
    Big dick Asian boy Nick love to suck and get fucked wide by white big dick    

Nick is not shy at all. Here he pull down his pants and let his big dick bounce out. He play with his hard tool and show of his little fuckhole, stretches it out. So the cameman can not hold himself, and pushes his cock down Nick's throat. Then he give him a hard fuck in many positions and Nick really enjoys it. When Nick's hole is pounded gaping wide, he shoot cum all over it. Then Nick also can not hold it and jerk off his big dick. Full movie 31 minutes

    Cute Asian twink showing of fresh fucked ass and jerk his cock until he cum    
Oil is yet another cute Asian twink. This guy was not shy at all and he loved to show his good stuff. Just before the photo shoot he had been fucked by a guy with a big dick. So you can se on the pics that his hole look a little loose :) He jerked off for the camera and shoot his load for the third time that day. See all of this horny boy in the members area.
    Kin and Kit. Two 18 yo Asian boys with tender smooth bodies having juicy sex    

Two 18 yo Asian boys together in steamy hot sex, smooth tender bodies and hard cocks. Also Kit was smooth shaved for the occasion, showing all the beauty of his big dick. And Kin had one of his first sex experiences, but he sure got into it with some easy guiding. They both loved sucking and it did not take long before Kit offered his nice ass. Kin gladly took the offer! The rest you can imagine or see it all in the members area ;) Full movie 28 minutes

    Cute 18 yo Wong is smooth shaved, and fooling around in the bathtub    
Wong is adorable for sure , here this sweet Asian guy stripping of in the bedroom before taking a bath. He really enjoyed fooling around in the bathtub, feeling the hot water around his shaved cock made it super hard. And he spread those ass cheeks so his asshole just opened wide. Would you like to join him in there ? At least you can see all and his cumshoot in the members area.
    Slim boy Palm get into some sex challenges including a bottle and bondage    

This cute slim guy is 19 yo and named Palm. He looses his clothes , playing with his hard cock and fingers his tight little ass. He also takes a bottle and stuffs it into his ass before he goes oral on the cameraman. Then Palm finally get what he was longing for, cock in his ass. He also tried out some bondage for the first time while being fucked. All this ended in sticky cum shoot's , cum tasting and Palm pissing all over himself. Full movie 37 minutes

    Horny Asian boy Nat get his clothes of and oils up for some sexy photos    
Nat has such a nice smile, perfect skin and so smooth. His cock is beautiful and hard as rock. Nat really loved to show off and he was not shy at all, spreading his cheeks showing his fresh fucked hole. Here he also smearing his smooth skin with baby oil for that extra juicy look. Enjoy his free pictures in the preview or see it all in the members area.
    Sweet Asian boy Set get a cock, golf ball, a fist and a big dildo up his hole    

Set maybe not have the biggest dick but his hole was for sure ready. He stripped down, sucking the cameraman until tears were running down his face. Then he got fucked long and hard making that hole wide. He went on with a trick including a golf ball before taking a fist up his ass. For the finale scene he sat down on a huge dildo to get the right feeling to cum. And after all that prostate massage this guy sure shoot his load. Full movie 45 minutes

    18 yo Kin is a handsome young man with a strutting hard cock and tight little ass    
Kin is young looking and handsome. He turned 18 this summer and has most likely had many hot meeting with both sexes. His skin is smooth and hairless. After dropping his pants it did not take many seconds before his cock was rock hard. And it stayed that way. Would it never go down again ? Enjoy his sexy preview pictures or see all of this hot guy in members area now.
Cute boy Nat and Palm having a fucking frenzy and get joined by the cameraman

Two cute Asian boy meets up in a hotel room for great sex. These guys started out with some passionate kissing and sucking. Palm fucked Nat's tight ass and moaned out in pleasure. After a while they switched and Nat gave Palm an even harder pounding until he shoot his load. Now the cameraman got exited too and gave Nat a deep hard fuck until he shoot his load into Palm's cum hungry mouth. See it all in members area. Full movie 41 minutes

Sweet Asian boy Joy is all about fun and sex. Smooth skin, sexy ass and nice cock.
Joy is all about fun and sex. And it could not be better then that. You have probably seen his movie already where takes white dick deep inside his ass. Here he is again with a sexy photo set. See him play with himself and show of for the camera. Smooth hairless skin, amazing ass and a delicious hard cock. See it all in the members area.
Smooth shaved Wong is horny and ready, see him fucked and exposing his rosebud.

Charming Asian boy Wong is just 18 years old. This guy is always horny and ready. Here he is smooth shaved giving a better view of his beautiful hard cock. He sure now how to do a strip show and seduce. See him suck white cock and getting that cock deep inside his ass until he shoots his load. Exposing his wide fucked hole and red rosebud. Finally he get a cum dump all over his body and playing kinky games in the bathtub. Full movie 30 minutes

Sexy Asian boy Nick. So smiling and cute with a smooth body, tight ass and big dick.
Cute Asian boy Nick always have a smile on his face. His body is very slim, so smooth and nice golden skin. His ass is natural hairless with a little tight hole. And his dick is big and hard , squirting loads of sticky cum. What more could you ask for ? Enjoy his free preview pics or see it all in members area now.
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