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Pop is cutie I meet outside on the street near the hotel I stayed. I noticed him when I walked by him and turned around, so did he. He gave me that cute smile while I examined his body with my eyes. There was not much to say, the lust was there and my hotel was near. He was not shy at all and posed willing for my camera, after I gave him a good fuck but that's another story. Check out the preview and full set in members area.
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Golf is really really skinny, probably the most skinny boy I have ever had my hands on. He is 18 years old and his body is really smooth. His ass is naturally smooth and he have a nice little bush around his medium sized delicious cock. I took this photo set with him one morning just after we woke up in my bed after a rough night. It did not take long before morning glory woke up his cock... See full photo set in members area.
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The first thing Puu told me when he entered my room was that he was virgin. I must admit that brought a smile on my face, specially when he bended over and spread his ass and his hole was wide open. Virgin ? I doubt. Anyway he was eager sucking my cock and horny as hell. After some good sucking I had to try try that "virgin" ass and lube his ass with a lick of my tongue and my cock slide easy inside... Full movie 26 minutes

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I went to this bar and there were about 30 boys showing off in their underwear. Dao was standing in the other end and I could only see him from behind. From that moment I know he was something for me. Then he turned around and he had this sweetest face ever. I offered him a drink and we had a talk, moments after he stripped in my room. Enjoy this set where Dao shows you all and jerks off..
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